Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Favorite-tini

Although my Favorite Things party is over and there won't be another one for at least 5 months, I thought it might be a great idea to create a signature cocktail for the next party in the meantime.

Introducing the..............

Isn't it gorge?

If you want to make your own Favorite-tini for your Favorite Things party or just because, I've included the recipe below. I hope you enjoy it at your next party!

– Cup of ice
– 1 1/2 cups pineapple juice
– 2 ounces of your favorite vodka
– 1 ounce Cointreau liquor

– Splash of sparkling water

Shake ingredients in a shaker and put in chilled glasses. Put pineapple fruit onto glass as garnish.


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  1. This looks like the perfect way to end the work week! Yum!

  2. mmmmmmmm! although it feels like summer time. Don't know about there, but here it's more like winter pimms weather! smell that spiced appley goodness!!!