Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sprinkle Shower

About a month ago, I was honored to be asked to help host a "Sprinkle Shower" for a friend. For those of you that are as clueless as me on what a "Sprinkle Shower" was, I Googled it and found this:

A sprinkle shower is a smaller scale baby shower in which guests "sprinkle" the new mom with the little necessities she needs for a new baby. It is not a full blown "shower", but just a light sprinkling of gifts. The baby sprinkle can be used for any children born after the first child. It can also be used for a new mom that already has all of the big items and would like a smaller celebration.

I thought this was a great idea so I couldn't wait to help out. I was in charge of my very first diaper cake! ;o)

The shower was last week and it turned out great! Here are a few photos from her special day.

Invitations and bucket party favors for the kids.

Wishes for Baby cards.

Thanks Jen and Michelle for allowing me to help out! Pin It

Monday, July 25, 2011

Make A Wish Cookies

Here is my first and last attempt at making these iced sugar cookies. I was trying to replicate a cookie that I saw online, and well, it didn't come out exactly like I had hoped, but it was fun to try it out.

I already knew that I would be no where near what theirs looked like, yanno, since they've been doing it for years and all that.

I started by baking the sugar cookies and letting them completely cool.

Then I "hole punched" the cookies with smaller cookie cutter tins.

I mixed the royal icing and applied to the cookie. Getting the right consistancy can take a while. You want it runny enough for it to blend smoothly completely over the cookie but not too much so it falls over the sides.

The icing dries quickly, so I was making mad dashes all over the kitchen making sure I got every inch of the cookie juuuuuuust right.

The piping was just too gnarly for me to try and write words on the cookie so I ended up just using a decorating pen that I had.

This process took mostly all day since my one year old is running all over the place like a crazy person.

I was pretty beat after this. The reward paid off though. They tasted delicious. ;o) Pin It

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


One year has come and gone. Our little buggy is a big girl now! Here are some photos from her party that we had over the 4th of July weekend with our family.

Her theme was "Fun in the Sun, Brooke is turning One" with a red, yellow and turquoise color scheme. It only took me 6 months to create! ;o)

The big dessert table turned out to be a success! I was really happy with it.

Birthday Girl

Party Detail Info:

Favors: Party bags from Michael’s. Photo tag created in Photoshop.

Banner Printables from: Bake It Pretty Blog

Kettle Corn Cones: Martha Stewart

Birthday Candles from: Beverly’s Fabric Store

Birthday Girl Hat: DIY - Tutorial & Template Here

Cupcake Stands From: Made individually and spray painted. All supplies from Beverly Fabric.

Photo Garland: DIY

Big Balloon, Straws and cupcake liners From: Shop Sweet Lulu

Invitations: Pen and Paper Flowers

Photography: Blush!

**Cupcakes and Cake done by me. ;o) Pin It