Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Brooke is obsessed with choo choo trains lately and I thought that her 2nd birthday should reflect what she's most interested in at the moment. So naturally, I scoured the Internet for some fun things to incorporate for her party and I found some really great ideas out there!

I didn't have a huge celebration for her again this year. Just a few of her close friends and family. I figured next year I could do something a little more fun for her when she actually understands what's going on. I'm hoping I can figure out something just as cool as this years party.

I've posted photos from the big day and links to where I bought some of the decorations.

Happy birthday baby girl. ♥

I found the disposable champagne glasses here.

As you might have been able to guess, I scoured the Christmas decorations for a choo choo train cookie cutter, and used that to make these train-shaped PB&J sandwiches.  These are the ones that I used. 

The wine box was a freebie score - it was an empty box that I came across at Costco.  They weren't supposed to give this one away, but I talked them into it anyway.  I suppose you could buy the wine as well and have something to serve for the parents...  

Train Favor Bags: Etsy - Paper Nook
Wooden Trains: Hobby Lobby (online)
Invitations - DIY in Microsoft Word
Train Whistles
Train cookie cutter set
Wooden Crate for snacks - Free from Costco
Plastic Champagne Glasses for Cupcakes - Oriental Trading
Colored almonds - Grocery Store
Photography - Stephanie Campagna Photography

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  1. What a great party! I love the details you put into it!


  2. I love all of your ideas and decorations, Stephanie! So beautiful!

  3. Wow. What a cute party! I love the train details and the cupcakes!! Too adorable!


  4. Could I possibly get the template for your invite?

    1. Thanks everyone! @AboutGOEggless What is your email to send it to? I simply used a word template for the ticket.

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  6. This was a gorgeous party! I've been searching everywhere for inspiration for my daughter's upcoming train party. Thanks got posting the links to the decorations a well ! Would you be willing to share you invitation template?

    1. Thank you! I just emailed you back. ;o)

  7. I would love the template for the invite as well. Is it available?

    1. Hi Mwanda,
      Unfortunately I don't have it. I used a template that was in Microsoft Word and played with it a bit to make it look like a ticket. I wish I had saved the file! So sorry! ;(