Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Have you seen this yet? With Shoplocket you can sell anything from anywhere in minutes. How cool is that?! I stumbled across this website a few weeks ago and I meant to share it. I thought it was a great tool for those creative peeps that have items they want to sell but not under the headache of having to set up a store, deal with fees, website maintenance, etc. It's so simple it's crazy! Check it out!


In other news, I'll be taking a small break from the blogging world. I've already been MIA for a while now, but my time has been preoccupied with some other things. Until those things are taken care of, I'll need to escape the internet world for a while. I'm going to think of it as a mini vacation. ;o) When I come back, I promise I'll have a few fun, visual goodies up my sleeve. Until then, stay classy.


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Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekend Linkies

photo by me!

We are just hanging out this weekend with no real plans. Except maybe painting our dining room. ;o) Looking forward to the relaxing weekend. Hope you all have one too.

The ten commandments for youthful looking skin.

What do you love?

How about this cross country drive on only 2 gallons of gas?!

Cute candy globes for your next party!

How to make everything ok.

Chipotle Lime Soft Tacos Recipe.

A good match.

I need a Pintermission.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Brooke is obsessed with choo choo trains lately and I thought that her 2nd birthday should reflect what she's most interested in at the moment. So naturally, I scoured the Internet for some fun things to incorporate for her party and I found some really great ideas out there!

I didn't have a huge celebration for her again this year. Just a few of her close friends and family. I figured next year I could do something a little more fun for her when she actually understands what's going on. I'm hoping I can figure out something just as cool as this years party.

I've posted photos from the big day and links to where I bought some of the decorations.

Happy birthday baby girl. ♥

I found the disposable champagne glasses here.

As you might have been able to guess, I scoured the Christmas decorations for a choo choo train cookie cutter, and used that to make these train-shaped PB&J sandwiches.  These are the ones that I used. 

The wine box was a freebie score - it was an empty box that I came across at Costco.  They weren't supposed to give this one away, but I talked them into it anyway.  I suppose you could buy the wine as well and have something to serve for the parents...  

Train Favor Bags: Etsy - Paper Nook
Wooden Trains: Hobby Lobby (online)
Invitations - DIY in Microsoft Word
Train Whistles
Train cookie cutter set
Wooden Crate for snacks - Free from Costco
Plastic Champagne Glasses for Cupcakes - Oriental Trading
Colored almonds - Grocery Store
Photography - Stephanie Campagna Photography

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